Tips for Wearing a Strapless Dress

The strapless dress is a classic. Very connoted red carpet, sexy and bare, it is often left aside for other easier dresses. Yet she knows how to impress your guests! Here are my tips to choose well and good wear.

Tips for Wearing a Strapless Dress

1) Select the strapless dress as her figure

All silhouettes can afford the strapless dress! You just have to find the right cutto highlight the advantages of your figure.

· Silhouette A:

The strapless dress will your beautiful shoulders and bust end value, to draw the eye up the silhouette, wear patterns, prints, strong colors and sequins above the waist. Then opt for a skirt sleeve type or flared tulip. Avoid piles of fabric at the hips like pleated, bet on a cut as simple as possible down in a sheathing fabric or thin.

· Silhouette en V:

Although this dress does not come to you immediately in mind, this is a section that can put your pretty chest in value. You can opt for a slightly neckline heart to draw your bust. A fairly structuring material help gainer and showcase up your silhouette. Opt for simple, no frills or sequins that would bring too much volume on top of the figure. Downstairs, go for a pleated skater shape, you can also bet on a sleeve shape with a Basque form rebalance your silhouette.

· Silhouette X:

You can afford all strapless dresses you want. Playing on a top or a bottom heart of wallet style dress to put your curves. To emphasize the waist, bet on a detail that changes everything as a pleated at it, tied a material effect or a node. If you choose the slinky, think of a Basque mid-calf, this will bring a side pin up that you very well.

· Silhouette H:

In order to wear the strapless dress, go for a feminine material such as lace or even a dress with ornate panels. The effects of bandage or draped fabric style you will go very well, more fluid fabrics as they féminiseront your forms. You can wear a tight dress if you are thin, add a detail at the waist with a form of Basque, or XXL node to bring volume to your silhouette.

· Silhouette I :

The strapless dress is doing in a women’s matter for you too: lace, tropical prints or liberty, ornaments and details are welcome. You can opt for a tight style or a skater shape with pleats. To create volume at the top of silhouette, opt for a strapless shape worked with ruffles or V-shaped

· Silhouette O :

Despite what you may think, the strapless dress is a beautiful piece on your figure. Go for a high single right bustier or a light cut into detail V. Go for a long Greek-style dress with a possible slot. Mark the waist with a belt.

Tips for Wearing a Strapless Dress 1

Tips for Wearing a Strapless Dress 2

Tips for Wearing a Strapless Dress 3

2) Calming the beauty level game and accessories

The strapless dress is sexy. There is therefore no need to overdo accessory level and beauty to calm things down. Forget buns prim and lacquered, opt for hair in the wind, or a sloppy bun.

Think simple in terms of accessories: a nice thin belt if you want to mark the waist, some rushes wrists. You can wear earrings impressive but avoid necklaces, nothing prettier and sexier than a bare neckline of this dress pin up.

3) Play with the styles of strapless dresses as the context

On each occasion and season for a strapless dress, here are put into abyss to properly wear the strapless dress according to the occasion.

· Ceremony

To go to a wedding or baptism, choose a nice colored or printed strapless dress. Sunset yellow, carmine red, fuchsia or dark blue are colors that are appropriate for a ceremony that. If you do not know what to wear to the upcoming event, I invite you to read my article ” how to dress at a wedding .”

Opt for nude heels and a simple clutch. Add a short jacket blazer if the skirt is flared or slightly longer if you opted for a straight shape. Add pretty curls and lift your hair in a bun blur with pliers bun.

·The Evening

Get out your black strapless dress that will make her little effect. Wear it with a gold cuff and pretty beads ears. Let your hair mussed-capped by creating maximum volume. Bring a touch Jane Birkin to your look by wearing your trench.Wear red lips the same color as your shoes (red, coral, fuchsia, pink or beige).

·Next To The Beach

The strapless dress is ideal beach front. At night or during the day, wear a lightweight printed cotton dress. Remember to choose your print according to your figure: it must be proportional to your height. Forget the liberty if you are doing 42 and opt for a tropical print maxi example. Put it over your swimsuit with camel gladiator sandals and a straw brimmed hat to protect your shoulders. Just wear some jewelry purposes juxtaposed to each other.

· In The city

The strapless dress can be worn in town. Protect your shoulders with a denim jacket for example to make it a little more relaxed. Opt for mixed wood reeds and women but comfortable shoes like sneakers or midi heels.

4) Choosing the right underwear

· Small chests:

If you have small tits, do not wear a bra. If you want to add some volume, use a padded headband form.

· Fuller Bust:

First shape strapless dress should be in a fairly thick material up to not to cast your chest. The material of the dress is very important, you may be able not to need a bra for such material structuring. If it is not enough to your taste, choose a soft but tight band that will keep your chest while avoiding adding volume.

Finally if the shape of the dress is a little low-cut in the back, and you need to maintain, regardless of your size, you have two options.

  • Bras strapless long form that attach quite low in the back. They are very practical if you wear sweaters or cut dresses in the back.

You can also opt for these reusable bras that stick to the sides. Their maintenance is very good, and they are also very comfortable.

5) Choose the right overcoat

Once again it all depends on the occasion. It can be very fun to wear the bustier dress with a form of jacket or wide overcoat to get her out of her sexy side. Then consider the forms trench Further, the boyfriend blazers or with short kimono jackets perfect to cover your shoulders all lightness. If you do not know how to wear the kimono, read my article would bring the kimono .

The army style khaki jackets, perfectos leather, denim jackets and bomber and all a bit rock or sports jackets are also good alternatives to divert style strapless dress.

What do you think of the strapless dress? Last tip, add some sun powder at the neckline and shoulders at the time of makeup. This will help to highlight the top of your body and give you a nice complexion. Leave me your comments about the bustier dresses.